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Components of the Bureau’s Functions

Proceeding from the established role of the Bureau in reviewing legislation, and as one of the first judicial institutions in Palestine which was formed by Presidential Decree No. (286) of 1995, and having the established competence to prepare, draft and review legislation under the provisions of Law No. (4) of 1995, regarding the preparation of legislation, and reflecting the Bureau's vision towards a Palestinian society with a unified legislative identity, through a specific drafting approach, and legislative harmony that enhances the rule of law, the Bureau has the following competences:

Prepare, draft and review legislation

The Bureau prepares, drafts and reviews legislation referred to it by the competent authorities, with the aim of preserving the structure, quality and harmony of the legislation internally - legislative harmony between internal legislation, and internationally - harmonization of internal legislation with the international agreements to which the State of Palestine is a party. The Bureau performs the following:

  1. Prepares drafts upon request from the competent authorities. From the first stages of preparation and in coordination with the relevant authorities, the Bureau transforms the idea of legislation into a draft that includes all the appropriate provisions that achieve the intended purpose of the legislation.
  2. Reviews legislation and ensures harmony with the provisions of the Basic Law and international conventions to which the State of Palestine is a party as well as relevant legislation. The Bureau identifies constitutional violations in the legislation, if any, and provides legal observations in terms of both substance and form on the draft legislation referred to it and obtain legal opinion from the Council of Ministers.
  3. Drafts legislation and places legislative drafts within the sound legal framework in terms of both substance and form. The draft legislation is referred to the Bureau by the competent authorities to reformulate it and review its provisions objectively, and to identify violations and provide objective observations. Then the Bureau formulates the draft legislation in form and submit it to the competent authorities to follow up on the procedures for its approval and publication.

Provide legal opinion in consultations and legal advice

The Bureau provides legal opinion in consultations and legal advice concerning legislative matters and other legal issues that are referred to it by the President, Prime Minister, Speaker of the Legislative Council, ministers, heads of government departments. The Bureau also provides legal advice on disputes between ministries and public institutions on legal matters or regulations related to their functions and powers and the difference in their application. 

Preparing and Publishing the Official Gazette

The Bureau prepares and publishes the Official Gazette, which is the official tool for publishing the legislation issued by the competent authorities in the State of Palestine. The Official Gazette is published in printed form and electronically, and is issued in regular numbers that are published periodically and in serial numbers. Premium editions may be issued whenever necessary at the request of the President or the Prime Minister.

Preparation of Specialized Legal Studies and Researches

The Bureau undertakes the preparation of specialized legal studies and researches in accordance with scientific research methods within the approved foundations and standards with the aim of improving the legal environment, developing legislations, and submitting them to decision makers to help them take the appropriate decision.