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The Bureau

Established by Presidential Decree No. (286) of 1995, the Advisory and Legislation Bureau is an official and specialized legal institution, enjoying legal personality and financial and administrative independence. It is subordinate to the Council of Ministers and is considered one of the pillars of the justice sector.

The Bureau has many legal competencies including the preparation and drafting of legislation referred to it in terms of both substance and form. The Bureau ensures the production of high-quality draft legislation by taking into account the rules and principles of sound legislative drafting and legislative harmony. Harmonization is maintained between the provisions of the draft legislation and the Palestinian legal system, including the Basic Law at the top of the legislative hierarchy, the international agreements to which the State of Palestine is a party and the relevant legislation in force. Internal harmony between the provisions of the project itself is also maintained.

In addition, the Bureau prepares and issues the Official Gazette, which is the official tool for publishing legislation issued by the competent authorities in the country. Judicial rulings and announcements as well as other material stipulated for publication in the gazette are also published in the Official Gazette.  Furthermore, the Bureau launched the online reference that includes all the material published in the Official Gazette in order to make it available to everyone, without the need to log in and with a simple search mechanism.

The Bureau provides legal opinion in legal consultations and legal advice referred to it by the President, the Prime Minister, Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, ministers, heads of departments or government agencies. Moreover, the Bureau prepares and issues specialized legal studies and researches that address various legal questions. It also prepares and publishes awareness raising manuals and brochures thus contributing to building and entrenching the Palestinian legal system.

Through its different function areas, the Bureau seeks to strengthen the legal structure in the State, maintain the consistency of legislation, and raise the legal awareness of the Palestinian public about their rights and duties.