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Statement of the Head of the Bureau

Councillor Iman Abdul Hamid

Based on its the vision and in order to achieve its mission, the Bureau seeks to be an effective legal government institution that provides all energies and capabilities to achieve its goals, especially the creation of a harmonious legislative system with a unified Palestinian identity. The Bureau seeks as well to create legislative harmony that enhances the rule of law, taking into account the rights of all segments of society, and the advancement of the legislative system in a way that contributes to anchoring the principles of justice and equality as well as building strategic local and international partnerships.

Serving the Palestinian community is one of the most important considerations of the Bureau in terms of the quality of legislation that serves the Palestinian public and facilitates their access to it. Legislation can be accessed by the public through the Bureau’s website or through the reference that enables everyone without exception to search for all the material published in the Official Gazette, and consequently document all the material issued since the establishment of the PA. Legislative material can also be accessed through the Official Gazette, which we strive to provide to all segments of society in print or electronic form or through periodic subscriptions.

We in the Bureau harness all our capabilities to contribute to building our independent Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as its capital. We also seek to develop policies and legislative frameworks that keep pace with local and international latest developments in order to contribute to improving the legislative environment, and to consolidate the principles of justice, integrity and equality as a key approach to institutional and organizational building in the Palestinian State.

This website of the Bureau provides a portal for effective communication, and as a result, we regularly update, feed and enable it to meet the needs of the public. The website serves as a reference for students, researchers and legal professionals.