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Established by Presidential Decree No. (286) of 1995, the Advisory and Legislation Bureau is an official and specialized legal institution, enjoying legal personality and financial and administrative independence. It is subordinate to the Council of Ministers and is considered one of the pillars of the justice sector. The Bureau has many legal competencies including the preparation and drafting of legislation referred to it in terms of both substance and form. The Bureau ensures the production of high-quality draft legislation by taking into account the rules and principles of sound legislative drafting and legislative harmony. Harmonization is maintained between the provisions of the ...

  Statement of the Head of the Bureau Councillor Iman Abdul Hamid Based on its the vision and in order to achieve its mission, the Bureau seeks to be an effective legal government institution that provides all energies and capabilities to achieve its goals, especially the creation of a harmonious legislative system with a unified Palestinian identity. The Bureau seeks as well to create legislative harmony that enhances the rule of law, taking into account the rights of all segments of society, and the advancement of the legislative system in a way that contributes to anchoring the principles of justice and equality as well as building strategic local and international ...

The report addresses the most prominent achievements in order to preserve the state's legal legacy through archiving the issues of the Official Gazette. In addition, the report touches upon the Bureau's achievement in preparing procedural guides and manuals aiming at improving the quality of services provided, and carrying out tasks efficiently and effectively. The report also deals with the achievements of the Bureau with the aim of strengthening, developing and organizing the legislative process in Palestine, in addition to what has already been achieved with the aim of strengthening relations with regional institutions. Finally, the report provides information about MoUs signed ...

يتيح المرجع الالكتروني للجريدة الرسمية للمستخدمين امكانية الوصول الى كافة التشريعات الرئيسية
والثانوية وكذلك الاحكام القضائية المنشورة في الجريدة الرسمية،
بشكل يسهل الوصول اليها، كما يوفر نسخة الكترونية من الجريدة الرسمية في كل تشريع.
The electronic reference to the Official Gazette

An electronic platform comprising the first government legal database that enables everyone to view and access material published in the Official Gazette. The electronic reference of the Official Gazette provides users with access to all primary and secondary legislation such as laws, decisions by law, decrees, presidential decisions, Council of Ministers decisions, ministerial decisions and instructions, in addition to the decisions of the Constitutional Court, judgments in absentia, announcements, and freezing lists, in an easily accessible manner. Moreover, the website provides an electronic copy of the Official Gazette for each legislation. Work is still going on to update and develop ...

  • Within the jurisdiction of the Advisory and Legislation Bureau to harmonize Palestinian legislation with international conventions, and with the issuance of the Constitutional Court decision that determined the status of these conventions within the Palestinian legal system...

    International Conventions

  • The Bureau seeks to improve, and continuously develop, the services it provides to the public. Hence, the Bureau has published the translation of Palestinian legislation into English, which enables researchers and interested persons ..

    Applicable Legislation

  • تتربع الدساتير على هرم التشريعات في المنظومة القانونية لأي دولة لتحدد الأسس القانونية التي تبنى عليها باقي المنظومة، وترسم ملامح النظام السياسي في الدولة، وتكفل الحقوق والحريات فيها. ولتسهيل وصول الباحثين لهذه الدساتير عمل الديوان على تجميع دساتير الدول العربية وتوفيرها على الموقع الإلكتروني. للاطلاع على الدساتير العربية، إضغط

    Arab constitutions

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